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ENERGEX has brought out a new offer for Pool owners to save money on power bills and get some rewards for doing it. The new offer is for changing your pool over to Economy Tariff33 and they will give you $250 for doing so. Also if you update your pool pump to a 5-Star energy efficient pool pump they will give you $150. This can make a big difference to your power bill as your pool is one of the highest users of power in your home, so start saving money now and get rewarded for doing so. Drop us a line and let us provide you with everything you need to get the rewards and also have the work done most  times the cost of the work is less than the rewards.

High Bay Lights

High Bay Lighting



The new LED lights that are coming onto the market have hit with a storm and there is good news and bad news being bantered about by  customers like, are they any good, mine didn’t last more than a month, mine don’t dim or dim enough.

The big thing with LED lighting along with a lot of new electrical equipment is “You get what you pay for.” Meaning if you buy cheap LED lights then they will be cheap form their construction through to how they work. If you buy the most expensive on the market then they should do what ever you want including making you a coffee in the morning.

The best way is to ask at light dealers what they think of the brands your looking at and check that they meet Australian Standards. If you are buying off the net straight out of China beware as there are a lot of companies selling their product direct online, without it meeting AUS Standards. If you say, “but they are cheaper and that is were they are all made anyhow!” your right most of them are maid there however look for a company that has an office here in Australia or that their product is imported by someone here in AUS as that way they will honor there warranty and it will not cost you a ton more money.

If you are looking for a LED that works the same as a 50W Halogen down-light make sure you do a bit of research or check before they are installed that they will dim and look they way you want them to. Some LED manufactures will only let there dimmer-able LED dim 15% while others will go all the way. Also check the dimmer Mech being used if it is a universal dimmer made by Clipsal it should do the job but there have been cases of flickering problems with them ask if the light supplier recommends a dimmer for the lights, this could save you big dramas.

Lastly Power saving with LED’s you can go to the Calculator on this website to see how much money you can save by changing over, but unless the light is going to be on for a long time the cost might not be worth the savings. The place where LED’s can save a lot of money is in commercial settings like shops or offices even some factories or warehousing, where the lights are on all day long and sometimes right into the night. This is where you can save a lot off your power bills by changing over too LED lighting. If you doubt what i say just plug the details into the calculator and see how much you can save straight off your next power bill.

Power Savings to the MAX

Too keep up with the rising cost of power I am proud to offer a new step forward in power savings for your home.

Rob Martin Electrical has taken the step towards fitting homes out with LED Lighting this once new branch of lighting, which was not to crash hot, has taken a new step with developments in Technology to come up with some very exciting options for lighting your house. So if you’re thinking of taking the next step to beat rising energy prices look at LED’s.

To give you some useful information Led light use less energy than Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) which the QLD government is handing out in the Climate Smart home service. A whole house fitted with led lighting will use less energy than a house fitted with CFL. When you consider that lights are on for a long time of a night this adds up. Also led are dimmable unlike CFL which means you can have your house lighting the way you want it for a lower cost and led will work off your existing light circuits so little change if any is required.

Call us today to find out how you can save even more money on your power bill.

Pictures of work completed on houses will soon be on this web site.


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