Upgrading Your Old Aircon – Why it is Worth Doing

You may be under the impression that as long as you service your aircon regularly, it will give you years of trouble-free service. That may be true.

But old aircons start to suffer the effects of age, just like any other machine. Those effects can be costing you much more than a new unit would. This means that all your careful servicing hasn’t ended up doing you much good or saving you any money.


Your Old Aircon Unit is Working Harder and Costing You More

There is a tipping point in the life of aircons, where the old aircon reaches the stage where it’s working harder to supply the volume of treated air. By working harder, it is costing you much more than a newer model would.

You may have been diligent about having the aircon serviced regularly, but at some point in an aircon’s lifetime it starts costing more than it’s worth to maintain it. This is the point when it makes no sense to hang on to the old unit.

By upgrading to a new aircon unit, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the improvements in technology, improvements that can save you even more money.


New Aircons Have Features that make them Worth the Upfront Expense

New aircons come equipped with new, incredible features. Some of them may seem unnecessary to you, but together they add up to save you even more money.

Wifi controllable – Sure, old aircons had timers that allowed you to program an aircon to start cooling a room before you got home. But if you suddenly are delayed in getting home, that aircon still start up and be wasting money cooling a room for nothing.

Human Sensor Control – Today’s aircons come equipped with sensors that register whether someone is in the room or not, allowing them to automatically switch to a low power setting if a room is unoccupied for a certain period of time.

Star Energy Ratings – New aircons that feature higher energy ratings are cheaper to purchase than they were just ten years ago. Every star that a brand of aircon earns can potentially save you up to around fifteen per cent in energy costs.


There are No Good Reasons to Hang on to Old Aircon Anymore

The truth of the matter is it just doesn’t make a lot of financial sense to hang on to an old aircon these days. The rapid increases in technology have just left them in the dust. Rob Martin Electrical can provide you with quality air conditioning installations as well as repairs and servicing.

Old aircons will keep costing you more money the longer you hang onto them. Why not check out the new improvements in aircon technology and find out what you’ve been missing.

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