Regularly Servicing Your Aircon Unit can Extend its Life and Effectiveness

Like cars, aircons benefit from having a regularly scheduled programme of maintenance. Unlike cars, aircon servicing is relatively inexpensive to have performed twice a year.

The benefits of a regular maintenance programme can be measured both in terms of a healthy environment and in money saved. Both of these benefits make servicing aircons regularly a wise habit to get into.

Regularly servicing your aircons will also extend the life of them. By periodically inspecting the inner workings, a technician can spot small problems before they become big ones and keep your aircon running efficiently. Efficient operation means less strain on moving parts and this will help your aircon have a long life.


Unclean Aircon Filters can Trigger Respiratory Conditions

Probably the most important aspect of servicing an older aircon unit is cleaning the filters. Aircon filters are known repositories of bacteria, molds and spores that can affect the health of everyone breathing the output of the unit.

These harmful elements tend to grow and multiply in the damp folds of your aircon filters. They are particularly troublesome to people who have asthma or other existing respiratory problems, but they are potentially harmful to everyone.

Thankfully, aircon filters are quick and easy to clean thoroughly, although the key is to be sure that they are cleaned regularly to keep these harmful pathogens at bay.


A Badly Maintained Aircon Costs More to Run

Badly maintained aircons not only cost you more to run, they tend to begin to make noise or fail completely at the worst possible time.

Nothing starts your day off quite as badly as having to put up with a night of listening to a badly clattering aircon, or one that fails completely in the middle of a hot, airless night.

But fan damage, blockages dirt and grime build-up can also wreak havoc on your aircon’s efficiency. And you may not notice the steadily declining efficiency until you get your monthly electrical bill.

A dirty aircon is one that has to work hard to overcome its problems, and this adds dollars that are a completely unnecessary expense to your household budget.


The Benefits of a Regular Aircon Service Programme

Whether you are using your aircon to heat up your home on cold days or cool it down on hot ones, the benefits of a regular aircon service programme cannot be overstated.

Electrical servicing will be able to find likely faults before they ruin a night’s sleep. It will make your indoor environment a much healthier one. It will also save you money and extend the operational life of the aircon.

Aircon servicing is generally recommended on a twice a year basis, before the cool weather and the hot weather begins. With all the benefits it provides, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t start having your aircon serviced.

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